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Laptops for SAR and the outdoorsmen
Hey there; I actually invested in some GoBook IIs and some Toughbook 73's and 74's for SAR work and to take with me on trips near the river and out hiking with me. I found that my GoBook II withstood a lot of abuse: dust storms, rain, constant dropping and impacts. I thought it might help out some members of Search and Rescue, and I've got two GoBook II's in my personal care, both equipped with Windows XP, Office 2003, wireless capable internet connection and 40GB harddrives. One has a DVD drive, and I'm currently using that as my personal laptop. The Toughbooks aren't AS rugged, but the battery life is twice as good as the GoBook and it has Office 2007 and a faster processor. If anyone is interested, shoot me an email. I know online GoBooks retail for around $2000 if you're lucky, and the same goes with the Toughbooks. I'm letting mine go for $1,000, fully equipped. eBay doesn't seem like the most useful place, so I thought I'd come to the people I appreciate most: SAR!
Created: 3 years 7 months ago by : Crompton
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