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Maura Murray Missing - February 9, 2004

Please visit Maura Murray's website http://WWW.MAURAMURRAY.COM Missing: Maura Murray - Since Feb. 9, 2004 Missing From: Woodsville, N.H. area Age: 22 Height: 5’7 Weight: 115 lbs. Hair: Brown, Curly Eyes: Blue/Green

Created: 3 years 7 months ago by : beegee
Maura Murray Missing - February 9, 2004

There has been a discussion on regarding the dogs used in the searches for Maura. I don't have the answers, am hoping some of you guys do. I guess the following paragraph summarizes some of the questions:

The gloves were a Christmas gift to Maura....therefore, she most likely did not have them on more than a few times.........and in my mind it could be likely that any *smell/Odor* belonging to Maura would be compromised because the gloves were leather....they certainly had not belonged to Maura for any length of time to be a reliable source of her the same time, in her car, there were pajamas as well as a stuffed monkey that she had been sleeping with for 3 years.........these facts were brought to the attention of the police. Because her things were released by the Haverhill police to my son, and not to Fred - even though we were staying together and my son turned them over to Fred, I know that they did not use anything other than a the gloves were not included in the items returned.

In a nutshell, the dog (singular) used about 36 hours after Maura was last seen lost Maura's scent about 100 yards from where she was last seen. It has been reported that the dog(s) seen on the news appeared confused...kept going back and forth. I'm not sure whether this was the search 36 hours later or not. One of my many questions is whether if someone else had touched the gloves, the dog would follow their scent and whether if she had gotten into a vehicle the dog could then continue to follow her scent? Maura's website is at [url][/url] and her forum is at [url][/url]

Created: 3 years 7 months ago by : Murraydwyer