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SAR dogs
I am in the process of moving up to MA possibly this summer I am looking for a unit with which to train m K9. I currently have 2 SAR K9s (one retired). As I looked thru this website, I noticed your posting on wanting to start working with SAR dogs. I have 17 years experience in animal training (5 in SAR K9s) and am in the process of writing a book on K9 SAR. If you're interested in moving towards use of K9s, I'd be really interested in talking with you about how I can help. Please feel free to contact me. Michelle DeFord
Created: 5 years 7 months ago by : beegee
Search and rescue dogs
Hello. New to site as well as new to SAR. What prompted me is a recent event here in Shelby County Texas that involved a man getting lost and dying as a result of efforts failing to find him in time.. We have invested money in some bloodhounds and are in the process of trying to find information on how, where, and when to get them trained for this type of work.... Being new to this and the limited amount of involvment here we are having a hard time finding out what really needs to be done.. A lot of opinions but you know what they say about those little guys :wink: ... Any information that members here could give me would be helpfull... Thanks James Lindley