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Welcome to SAR and SARA to both of you. I hope you find these boards as well as the site uselful. And check back often in the near future we will be having an exciting offer for SAR teams
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SAR in Brown County Indiana
I am Rick Hall ,Director of Emergency Management I am also the District Asst. Fire Chief and the Dept Chaplin. We started a SAR and a Swift Water and Flood Water Rescue team here about 1 year ago. We are at ops level in all areas and are preparing to go tech level on the water side. We have a Rescue One Boat and Trailor that was given to us and I have aquired about $14,000.oo worth of grants to buy gear for the teams. I am currently building a command vehical. It is a 1977 Dodge M-880 4x4 with a Unimog radio box on back. We have 8 radios to talk with any one and carry gear for all emrgencies that may come up. If you have any ideas you would like to send my way please do so. I need the help. Best Regards Rick
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Hi Rick, I am from South Florida and belong to a Search and Rescue Team down here. We are basicly a ground team for now, specializing in wilderness SAR since we are next to the Florida Everglades. The team started two years ago and is composed of Active and Former Military, Emt's and SAR Tech's. I just joined this board and look forward to what it has to offer. Take Care Orlando Miami, Florida
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