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Debra Melo was last seen in Weymouth, Massachusetts on June 20, 2000 when according to her husband she got out of their car and walked off.

Key Details

20 Jun 2000
Contact Agency
Massachusetts State Police Agency 781-830-4800
Location Last Seen
Route 18 Weymouth. Massachusetts
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Debra was last seen in Weymouth, Massachusetts between approximately 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. on June 20, 2000. Her husband, Luis Melo, claims they got into an argument while he was driving and she demanded to be let out of the car on Route 18, south of the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station. She has never been heard from again. Luis says he drove a couple of miles down the road, then came back about twenty minutes later to the site where he dropped her off, but Debra was gone.

Luis Melo reportedly did not report her missing until more than 24 hours after her disappearance, and did not participate in any of the searches or vigils for his wife. Extensive air and ground searches in Weymouth, Taunton and other locations turned up no clues. Police also searched Melo's house and car. 

The couple had managed a doughnut shop in Braintree together. Despite what her family described as a rocky marriage, Debbie Melo adored her children and would not have walked out on her family, relatives have said. Foul play is suspected.

Type of Missing:  
Date Last Seen:  
June 20, 2000 Age at Missing:   30
Place Last Seen :  
Rte 18 Weymouth, MA
Debbie Alias:  
Female Race:   White
Date of Birth:   October 17, 1969 Current Age:   44
114 pounds Height:   63 inches
Hair Color:  
Brown Eye Color:   Blue

Taunton, MA
Motor Vehicle:  
Abducted by:  
Blue sundress with white flowers and white shirt underneath. Diamond ring, ring with the name "Debbie" worn on index finger.
Scars, Marks Tattoos:  
Tattoo of a "rose" on right shoulder with the name "Louie" underneath.